What support and resources are available for people with opioid dependence?

Downloadable resources

Women and Opioid Dependence Treatment brochure
This brochure provides information on some of the barriers women with opioid dependence face in accessing treatment and proposes potential solutions to overcome some of them.

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Know Your Options brochure
This brochure is intended for people who have, or who care for a person who has opioid dependence. The information provided is for the purpose of increasing awareness about opioid dependence and the available treatment options.

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Support groups and counselling services

Tackling opioid dependence is challenging, because it is a chronic, relapsing medical condition.1,2 The good news is you do not have to manage your opioid dependence on your own. In addition to your doctor, there are a variety of different support groups and counselling services that can help you with your opioid dependence. Please find out more about the different drug or opioid dependence treatment services in your local area for more information and support.
For more information on opioid dependence, please visit the following sites:






1. Evans CJ, Cahill CM. Neurobiology of opioid dependence in creating addiction vulnerability. F1000Res. 2016; 5.

2. Bond AJ, Witton J. Perspectives on the pharmacological treatment of heroin addiction. Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry 2017; 8: 1-10.

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